Wastewater is classed as any water affected by, or altered by, human use or consumption. For example, wastewater in the UK includes water from a flushed toilet, from a sink, from a bath or shower and any byproduct of water use domestically, commercially, industrially or agriculturally. In the UK wastewater is collected in waste pipes and sent along the sewer system to wastewater treatment plants. Dependent on the use of the wastewater it can be sent to different areas. Industrial wastewater sewage treatment plants for example deal with industrial wastewater as large industries produce more polluted wastewater. At an industrial plant it's not uncommon to see wastewater polluted with mercury, choloroform, copper, zinc and varying fats. 

In the UK approximately 5% of households rely on off mains drainage as their homes are too remote to be incorporated into mains sewers. Since these households are so far away from mains sewers and water treatment plants, wastewater is often treated onsite in a sewage treatment plant. The water from this can be safely drained slowly into the ground or a nearby watercourse as it's been treated to the same degree as a domestic wastewater treatment plant. However, by 2020 septic tanks that drain water into a watercourse or a ditch will be outlawed. Wastewater can be extremely polluting so these must be upgraded as part of a push from the Environment Agency. 

Sewage treatment plants and septic tanks can be a great solution when a mains sewage drainage connection isn’t available. Fully approved to meet environmental standards, each of our products is at an unbeatable price and from a named brand that you can trust. 

The size of treatment plant that you will need depends on how many people are using it and you should always overestimate if you’re unsure. For example if only 2 people currently occupy a 4 bedroom house, it’s safer to install a plant that can handle the sewage of 6-8 people as opposed to 3-4. Planning ahead with your septic tank or sewage treatment will save costs in the long run. Speak to our Waste Water Drainage Expert on 07970 211219 if you’re unsure or need any installation advice.