NON - POTABLE Above Ground Water Tanks



These tanks are suitable for the safe storage of water for agricultural use, rain water harvesting, grey water use throughout a building for toilets and general wash down areas. Please ask our team for further details.


They are manufactured using Polyethylene and are moulded using a rotational moulding process which produces a stress-free product.  The Polymer used includes additives which make it resistant to harmful UV rays from the sun and with correct installation and general on-going care, these products have a long lifetime ahead of them with very little or no maintenance required.  They are extremely robust and very resilient and are able to withstand the most extreme conditions from the elements.


There is a choice of Potable (suitable for drinking water) and Non-Potable (not suitable for drinking water).


The following features come as standard with the tank:

  • 2″ bottom outlet
  • 18″ manhole access port
  • 2″ bottom outlet
  • 4″ inspection hatch
  • Several flat areas for the easy addition of other accessories

We also sell; Septic Tanks, Storage Tanks, Grease Traps, Grease Shields, Sewage treatment plants, pump stations and rainwater Harvesting Systems.


*We offer free advise to people who buy*

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Returns Policy: 7days to return - Returns at customers expense


****PLEASE NOTE: Price includes delivery. Delivery does not include off loading, this is the entire responsibility of the customer! If site requires HiAb this will be at extra cost****

Above Ground Water Tanks NON-POTABLE