GreaseShield® is a Pro-Active Mechanical Grease Trap operating in real time, taking advantage of waste thermal energy present in effluent being discharged from commercial kitchens to remove emulsified FOGs, particularly saturated animal fats before they solidify.GreaseShield® removes and dewaters organic solid matter (by means of a Pre Filter or FilterShield® and optional internal Automatic Solids Removal / Transfer system) that is typically entrained in the effluent preventing anaerobic foul smelling conditions brought about by biological activity, depleting dissolved oxygen present in the effluent. Because biological degradation of organic matter in water is substantially prevented, BOD, COD, FOG and SS loadings are significantly reduced.


GreaseShield® recirculates grey effluent internally pulsing 5 Min on 5 min off, to promote greater

efficiency of FOG removal and to assist in removing “floaty” dairy products. This process avoids the

usage of potable water.


GreaseShield® incorporates a vortex flow controller to regulate flow without causing an impediment

to entrained wastes.


GreaseShield® Low Level units incorporate touchless sensing methods (n the process of patents

being applied for), to detect FOGs by innovative means and in conjunction with a PLC controller

transfers the FOGs to the main GreaseShield® unit for safe removal. Grease is prevented from

solidifying before safe removal.


All GreaseShield® units incorporate zero maintenance FOG removal means to provide maximum

contact with effluent internally. The Removal Means is pulsed 5 Min on 5 min off, to promote

greater efficiency of FOG removal.

The internal of all GreaseShield® tanks are manufactured from virgin random polypropylene co-polymers that are tolerant of high temperatures and resistant to changes in pH levels.

The tanks are injection moulded in one piece and then contained with a 304 Stainless Steel Cabinet.

The choice of material avoids the problems experienced by polyethylene which reacts and contributes to the production of malodours which is exacerbated by anaerobic conditions associated with food waste remaining in water at a typical temperature of 40 Celsius.




GreaseShield® fitted with Prefilters and / or FilterShields® are equipped / issued with a Water Spray

 gun and hose to facilitate clean down of the inside of the Prefilters and / or FilterShields®.


GreaseShield® units have integral anti-flood and recalibration procedures and are supplied with

threaded bleed screw sampling points to enable end users to sample the discharge effluent without

the need for any tools.


GreaseShield® units support in situ bioremediation by passing effluent through a series of

co-operating magnetic baffles comprised of maintenance free wet type anisotropic barium ferrite

magnets which are axially magnetised. The magnetic baffles have three purposes.

These are :-

·         the electro-magnetic processing of waste water effluent to prevent scaling of sewage pipework by

calcium and metal deposits which is a contributory factor to blockages recurring in sewage systems

 in areas where the water is hard or mineralised.

·         to contribute to the lathering effect of the wetting agents typically found in commercial surfactants

and making them more readily available (soap lathers easily) in breaking down accumulations of FOGs in

the sewage system.

·         Passing indigenous bacteria (entrained in effluent) through the magnetic fields alters the cell walls

permitting the absorption of mineral crystals. Filter life is also extended with co-operating magnetic

water treatment, i.e. slime build-up is reduced. This is attributable to the consumption of polysaccharides

by the magnetically affected bacteria. Accumulation of algae downstream is inhibited by virtue of the

organic and inorganic matter having been bio converted.


GreaseShield® LL units deal effectively with either Convection or Steam Combi ovens and are designed

 to accept the effluent discharge from double stacked ovens and floor length ovens.

Kitchen staff are discouraged from accessing the internal of the GreaseShield® units. The Lids have an

integral SS lock to prevent unauthorised access.


Greaseshield® is pioneering the harvesting of a renewable energy resource.


GreaseShield® has an electrical consumption of 16 watts per hour. This compares to GRU models, the

smaller models of which have an electrical consumption of 1500 watts per hour or 93.75 times more

than a GreaseShield® LL Unit. The difference is accounted for by the fact that GreaseShield® utilizes

waste thermal energy.


All GreaseShields® are issued with laminated wall posters re Best Practice Management and Do’s and

Don'ts, to overcome the problems associated with high turnover of staff and ongoing training.






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Grease Shield Unit