Use Septic Fizzytabs once a month to help keep your septic system trouble free between pumpings.


  • Enzyme producing bacteria
  • Digests grease & other wastes
  • Helps protect drain fields
  • Safe for all plumbing
  • Easy-to-use effervescent tablets
  • Keeps drain lines free flowing
  • Reduces odours
  • Environmentally friendly


Septic fizzytabs are a powerful septic system and drain line treatment in an easy-to-use effervescent tablet. Simply remove a tablet from the foil, drop it into a toilet bowl, allow time to dissolve and flush. It's that easy!


Septic fizzytabs release millions of beneficial bacteria into your system. These bacteria enhance the natural populations and replace those bacteria lost to antimicrobial soaps and other harsh chemicals. They go straight to work digesting excessive grease, fat, protein, starch and many other organic compounds that may otherwise accumulate and cause problems.



Remove tablet from foil, drop into toilet bowl, allow time to dissolve and flush. Use 1 tablet monthly for each 1,000gallons of tank capacity. For problem systems, increase treatment frequency.


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