The Woodbridge Inn

Installation of new Sewage Treatment Plant

AGH Contract Services secured the contract to install a new sewage treatment plant system to the pub chain Brunning & Price at a site in Coalport, Telford.

The scope of work included:

  • Set up ballast water pumping facilities

  • Excavate for and locate services

  • Excavate and install Pump station tank

  • Construct Headwall Spillway

  • Excavate and install PST and SAF tanks

  • Lay drains, storm and foul to Pump station and Headwall

  • Install HST tank

  • Build manholes to finished ground level and install lids

  • Remove existing STP

  • Civilise lawn area and re-seed lawn and banks

  • Arrange commission of plant, etc

  • Tidy site and de-commission works area


AGH Contract Services continues to maintain the system.