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July 25, 2018

Fats, oils and grease

Fats, oils, grease and food waste cause major problems in our drains and sewers. When disposed of down kitchen sinks, toilets or drains, this waste congeals to form blockages which can lead to flooding and pollution.

When these products enter the dr...

July 20, 2018

Caring for Your Sewage Treatment Plant

Regular inspections and maintenance will help ensure your plant is operating at optimum performance and will maximise the lifespan of your equipment


  • Follow manufacturers’ recommended doses for your water type when using hous...

June 20, 2018


Activated Sludge

  • wastewater containing sewage


Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

  • The amount of oxygen needed by the organisms to break down organic material.


  • A type of sewage treatment plant that uses a series of rotating discs for the organisams to...

January 15, 2018

What is the difference between a septic tank and a sewage treatment plant?

A septic tank produces a very polluting effluent which must be discharged only to a soakaway for further treatment of the septic pollutants by the natural aerobic soil bacteria.

A sewage trea...

November 7, 2017

Why do a Percolation Test?

A percolation test is required to be carried out on the land where the septic tank system or sewage treatment plant soakaway is to be installed.  It is a test that determines the rate in which soil absorbs a known volume of water.  This is to...

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July 20, 2018

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